Assisting Households and Businesses in the North Shore and Cape Ann Areas For More Than 23 Years


  • Today's mail is tomorrow's pile! I can turn those fast growing mounds of paperwork into easily accessible files.  Being organized is about establishing a suitable system for your needs and sticking to it.
  • Are you being assessed late fees and finance charges because you haven't had a chance to review or pay your bills? How about recurring payments and now your credit card has expired and you have to notify the companies of the new information? I can handle all your bookkeeping and paperwork to ensure accuracy and timely payments.

  • Relocating your household or office?  Need a helping hand with changing addresses, transferring utilities, scheduling movers, etc.?  Moving can be a very stressful and overwhelming experience and I can help with all those time consuming tasks that need to be done before and after the big day.

  • It's tax preparation time and your accountant is waiting for your information - you have piles of receipts to sort through, nothing entered into your accounting software and the deadline is fast approaching -- hand everything over to me and I'll take it from there.

  • Need your important documents notarized and aren't able to get them taken care of as soon as you hoped? Worry no longer! I am a Notary Public authorized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and available when needed.


  •  Need to bring more money into your business?  Can't find the time to order or send out marketing materials, create or maintain a website or search out free and reasonable ways to advertise on the Internet?  I have done and continue to do that for my own business and therefore I keep in tune of what is available and I am aware of some of the best ways to promote a company using a limited budget. 

  •  Don't you wish the majority of the dates on your calendar were free to use as you pleased and you weren't feeling so overwhelmed?  Feeling like there are never enough hours in the day no matter how early you start or how late you end it? If you hire me, I can "Make It Go Away." Life is too short, so start enjoying it now and let me handle all your administrative priorities.  Please give me a call at 978-314-5085 or email me at and we can discuss your needs, schedule and budget so I can start lightening your load today!  If you do not see a task  listed on this web page that you could use assistance with, please feel free to mention it to me and I will do my best to accommodate.  
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