Assisting Households and Businesses in the North Shore and Cape Ann Areas For More Than 23 Years


Below please find some testimonials to Kathy's work ethic and reputation from past and present clients:

"You are a necessity, not a luxury.  As I have always said, you are like being free because of the money you save me in late fees and charges you have disputed and won for me."
Felicia T.

"Without a doubt, Kathy is among the top ten people I have ever met who demonstrates integrity, professionalism and ethics.  I trust her completely."
Eleanor F.

"Whoever may hire Kathy to help them clean-up their office paperwork will also be getting an intelligent, bright person who will liven up their office environment like sudden sunshine on a dark and dreary day."
Vin T.

"Kathy has met all of our requirements with great attention to detail, a willingness to go the extra mile in a time crunch and an eagerness to learn new skills when necessary.  Above all, which is vital to our organization, she performs her duties with the utmost discretion."
Anne K.

"No job is too small nor is she too busy to help me out for the task at hand.  Kathy can and does everything you ask of her.  She is an asset to anyone's business."
Carl D.

"I find Kathy to be one of the most flexible, patient and compassionate people on this earth when helping clients or friends."
Susan W.E.

"Kathy is a very hardworking and dedicated person.  She is very flexible with her availability and is very diligent in completing anything that is given to her."
Janice B.

I will be happy to provide the full letter of recommendation from the testimonials above upon request or if you would rather contact them yourself I can supply the information to do so when needed.  
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